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Heading to Memphis…

Heading to Memphis in the morning to play at B.B. King’s club on Beale Street with the “King Beez”, the long-time house band. I started playing there in about ’93-’94, and played there throughout the ’90’s. Lot of cool memories from back then, including opening for B.B. there on his 71st birthday, meeting Ike Turner there and announcing him on stage, having Steve Winwood and Jim Capaldi from Traffic there one night in the audience checking out my show, some cats from the Allman Brothers there another time I was playing, jamming numerous times there with “Little Jimmy King”, Eric Gales’ brother and Albert King’s “adopted” son, riding on the elevator at the Peabody Hotel down the street with Van Morrison one evening… 14, I was always the designated late-night driver for my pops and would have to drive him over to places like Interstate B-B-Q and Brown’s Fried Chicken, not the safest spots for us at 3:00 AM! I used to go to all the men’s clothing shops in South Memphis and shop for clothes-bought a lot of wild stuff like full red and silver suits, lime green dress shoes, and gold silk shirts. Another late night, I met Kenny Wayne Shepperd, his dad, and James Burton together in the lobby at the Peabody. We hung out even later, and played some. Kenny was cutting his first record there at Ardent Studio, where Jimmie and Stevie cut “Family Style”; Stevie might have cut “In Step” there as well… I went to the studio the next day and watched them record. The first time I played at the club and showed up for soundcheck, I met the tenor player Charles Campbell. He looked at me and asked “You from Austin?” I said yes. He said “you ever play Antone’s?” I said of course. He said “I was playing in the band with Albert King the night you came and sat in with him!” That was in 1988. Lotta fun back then! So if you’re a friend in the Memphis area, lemme know! Whachu think Selton Cole?

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