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Vintage Guitar Magazine

“He’s segued from blues-rock heavily influenced by Stevie Ray to harder-edged rock with mature vocals and a varied guitar palette. There’s still plenty of bluesy-licks as on “Roll with You” recalling Doyle Bramhall, Sr., but the herky jerky instrumental “Breakaway” defies categorization.”
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Rollingstone Magazine

“Like many Austin musicians, Jake Andrews is a child of the blues, but he’s also the child of John “Toad” Andrews, who played with Mother Earth in the ‘60s.  That gave him an edge in the cutthroat music business, but it’s just as likely that the reason why he secured a record contract at the age of 19 was the fact that teenage blues prodigies were a hot commodity in the 90’s.  Ever since Jonny Lang and Kenny Wayne Shepard, other labels were clamoring for their own hot shot, and Andrews was well-suited for the part, since he can play and has a weathered voice that sounds much older than 19.  He also has a tendency to veer away from straightahead blues, favoring blues-rock, as well as the occasional soul song.”

Billboard Magazine (cover)

“Turning countless heads with electrifying guitar playing and soulful singing, Jake Andrews has been front and center of the Austin Scene for more than half of this 19 years.  Steeped in the Texas blues tradition of Johnny Winter and Stevie Ray Vaughan, “Time to Burn’s” mix of guitar pyrotechnics, fiery vocals and powerful new songs confirms that Jake Andrews is already blazing new paths with the torch he’s been passed.”

 Daily Variety Los Angeles, CA – Show review

“Andrews exhibits a flair for breaking up the rock steady meter…he delves into a jazzy improvisation that demonstrates his ability to move rapidly around the fretboard.”

 The Herald-Times Bloomington, IN

“Red Hot in Blues 19 year-old guitar phenom Jake Andrews to open for Buddy Guy at Mars”

“Buddy Guy is like the E.F. Hutton of blues guitar legends: When he talks, people listen.  And when Guy is talking up an up-and-coming player, it’s hard not to check out what the new kid is doing.  Monday night, we’ll find out as 19-year-old guitar sensation Jake Andrews opens for Buddy Guy at Mars at 9 p.m.  Andrews, born and raised in the fertile musical community of Austin, Texas, is the laid-back southerner personified, even when talking about some of the things he’s been up to lately.”

Cello/Jericho Recordings CD Review “Time To Burn” by Robert T. Murphy

“There must be something in the water in Austin, Texas.  Good guitar players always seem to be from Austin or have some Austin connection.  Jake Andrews comes from a musical family (his father, John “Toad” Andrews played with Mother Earth) and he was known as “Little” Jake Andrews for a long time.  He has dropped (or outgrown) the “Little” tag and now is competing with Jonny Lang and Kenny Wayne Shepherd.”

Jake Andrews / Time to Burn CD / Jericho Label

“Austinite Jake Andrews arms himself with one of the most dangerous sounding blues-based guitars in quite some time, deftly balancing between rockin’ grooves and burnin’ solos.  Easily surpassing most of his peers in technique as well as in crafty songwriting, Andrews smartly avoids producing a masturbatory guitar-solo-fest, as tunes like “Just You and Me” and “Time to Burn” have the embedded soul of Sam and Dave and the Fabulous Thunderbirds emanating from every riff and vocal “call and response.”

Studio City Sun, Studio City, CA – Show Review

“There’s a proud tradition of Texas blues power trios. There was Johnny Winter in the ‘60s, followed by ZZ Top in the ‘70s and Stevie Ray Vaughan in the ‘80s. In the ‘90s, youngblood Jake Andrews started shaking things up in Austin (actually he started earlier, at around 8 years old, appearing with Albert King and others at Antone’s in Austin), recording two albums and touring the world. Andrews pulled into Sherman Oaks to play Cozy’s last Friday, but the trio ended up being the world’s first blues power duo when the drummer didn’t show up. Jake Andrews didn’t miss a beat or his drummer, as he and his trusty bassist tore the room up as a twosome. They played everything from seething originals to Junior Parker’s “Driving Wheel,” and at one point when the singer-guitarist told the audience a drummer “was on the way,” an excited soul in the audience yelled in return, “Tell him to stay home. You don’t need one.” Right on.”

Jake Andrews – Austin City Search Review

“Out of the wonder years and into the working years”.

“The Skinny.  From his launching pad at Antones’, jamming with Albert King at age 8, it was clear that Jake Andrews was primed to head skyward.  Now an official heartthrob at 20, complete with fan websites, Andrews has exceeded his super boy status and found a maturing style.  His songwriting reflects reverence for the fine collaborations of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Doyle Bramhall Sr., while his voice evokes Doyle Bramhall Jr.  Andrews’ new approach may be shared by legions of other Hendrix followers, but there’s reason to believe that he will blaze new trails, and soon.  Get in on the ground floor.”

 “Austin guitar phenom Jake Andrews talks about the Lone Star Blues Scene, Antone’s Buddy Guy & BB King”

“Jake Andrews: ‘As far as some of the many notable artists I’ve played with, getting the opportunities to hang out with and play onstage with Albert King, Buddy Guy, Albert Collins, and BB King were of course the highlights. Those artists are mostly gone now, they’re from another era that has passed and will not return. So I am always amazed and grateful that I was able to experience those days.”

 Los Angeles Show Review October 25, 2016

“I, along with all other audience members at Cadillac Zack’s Monday Night Blues Party last night, were taken hostage and held at guitar-point by a fiery, intense guitar slinger, from Austin, in the mighty state of Texas. I would describe Jake Andrews as a human tsunami/hurricane/twister/earthquake, not unlike these acts of mother nature that unfortunately shake/rattle and roll the earth in a devastating way. In Jake’s case, the devastation was welcomed with loud applause, stares of bewilderment with mouths agape & eyes wide open, in addition to some confused and harried looks not knowing what hit them! This writer was left speechless and in bewilderment even before the end of the set.”

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