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Young Jake Andrews with Gatemouth Brown

“We ’bout ta git real Coon-assy for ya”… I am playing with Gatemouth Brown on The Texas Connection, an offshoot of Austin City Limits, in early 1991. Gate mouth was a tuff old guy but he was very kind to me whenever we played together. The last time I saw him was at the Long Beach Blues Festival in the early 2000’s…..he was always smoking on an old pipe and laying it down. I sure enjoyed hanging around him, hearing his stories, and of course joining him on stage to jam. By the way, my dad used to go watch every Monday night at the Black Elks Club in Houston in 1960/61 the “Battle Of The Guitars”, which was between Gatemouth and Albert Collins…..they would try to cut each other to see who was the hottest axe man!


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